Captain Marvel delivers compelling story with impressive special effects


Last night Marvel released the highly anticipated Captain Marvel, and it is possibly the best Marvel Movie yet. I didn’t come into the movie with the highest of expectations, because of a lot of hatred for the movie being all over the internet, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Captain Marvel doesn’t follow the type of any superhero movies that have been released by Marvel ever, and this change is very well received. It’s not the same swole superhero doing things for the good of all, so if you come into the film expecting that, then you will be disappointed.

But if you come in with an open mind, then you will leave the theater extremely happy. Once you actually get into the movie, it is absolutely fantastic. The storytelling is almost as good as Black Panther, which is my favorite Marvel Movie, and the intense cinematography and special effects are as impressive as Infinity War.

This movie is only the precursor to the ultimate battle that will occur on April 26 in Marvel’s next movie, Avengers: End Game. The anticipation for End Game only enhanced the film. The whole movie I continuously thought about how Captain Marvel will have to be the one to beat Thanos, and I didn’t know if she could.

But after this film, I think that Earth’s mightiest heroes may be saved by Earth’s mightiest heroine.