Sophomore takes TikTok day by day


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In this digital age, many students find ways to express themselves online. However, for RHS Sophomore Lauren Wilson, her creative outlet has earned her many followers on the social media app Tik Tok.   

Wilson’s made her first TikTok at a sleepover with a friend and the video went viral, accruing 21,000 likes in the process.Since, Wilson has made 207 TikToks and earned herself a total of 375,000 likes and 23,500 fans. This video gave her what she needed to start on a strong foot. Lauren since this video has made 207 Tik Toks earning herself a total of 375 thousand likes and 23.5 thousand fans.

“I try to [make] a couple a week, that way I don’t lose followers or activity,” Wilson said.

Wilson has no concrete plans for her future on the app.

“I just kind of move and grow as I create them,” Wilson said.

Wilson receives support from both her friends and family. Oftentimes, her loved ones feature in Wilson’s videos.

“They like to be in my TikToks sometimes, “ Wilson said. “My mom is in a few of my videos and basically half of my TikTokos are with my friends.”

Wilson’s friend, Dylan Sackett, is a participant in Wilson’s TickToks and gives her the motivation that she needs.

“I always support her. If she thinks she’s doing bad in a trend or in her dancing videos, I’ll tell her that she’s actually doing really good…I encourage her. She’s proud and I’m proud of how far she’s gotten,” Sackett said.