DEL VALLE TONOIAN: Bathroom passes defile student dignity


As Common Core, collaborative learning and growth mindsets continue to spread throughout various classes and programs, teacher lecturing hours have shrank as group work takes precedence. Students are encouraged to actually put their knowledge to the test.

With less lecturing, and more individualized learning, it begs the question: why do some teachers still limit how often we can go to the bathroom?

I’m taking two academic classes and two electives this term and in three out of four of the classes I’m only “allowed” to use the restroom twice for the entire semester.

A healthy person uses the restroom between four and ten times a day, not one to two times every five months. I know there’s time to use the restroom between classes and during lunch, but between the long lunch lines, thirty-minute lunches, and short passing periods, it’s not enough time.

With Roseville’s unique campus, I often have to walk pretty far between classes and I don’t have time to stop and use the restroom, otherwise I risk being several minutes late to class. Lines are long and the timeframe is extremely slim.

I don’t have time to make use of the restroom at lunch. I shouldn’t have to give up my lunch-time just to make a trip to the restroom.

During lunch, I have to wait in the egregiously long lines, often taking up nearly half my lunch. After that, I try to take advantage of whatever’s left of lunch, eating and working. With RHS’ block schedule, classes are nearly an hour and twenty minutes long, even if I do manage to find time to use the restroom before class, it’s perfectly reasonable that I would need to again during the long period.

What’s the point of managing a student’s life to the point where teachers decide if students should get to use the restroom or not? If a student decides that they want to use the restroom, even if they’re going to miss an important lecture, what’s the point of saying no?

“Holding it” can cause health issues, and not to mention is extremely uncomfortable. Why should a teacher dictate whether or whether not I’m incontinent in 60 years?

It’s our own responsibility to do what they need to do to get a good grade in the class. If someone decides they need to walk out of class to use the restroom, it’s either an emergency or someone who doesn’t want a good grade in the class.

It’s not a teacher’s job to micro-manage our lives.