The Walking Dead slaughters fan favorites, leaves viewers disappointed



The once highest rated television show on air, The Walking Dead has returned, but many say it has a completely different feel to it, developing a weirder, darker vibe than in the past. Since the main character Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln, was killed off, the show hasn’t been able to make a recovery.

The ratings plummeted after The Walking Dead killed off two major characters in a previous season, but now that the lead role is dead the show is at an all time low. It’s no wonder many lost their love for the show, as, according to many polls, Rick Grimes was the second most popular character.

Fans do get a little bit of closure, because the most loved character on the show, Daryl Dixon, a country boy crossbow slinging hero portrayed by Norman Reedus is now the main character. I personally have stopped watching The Walking Dead ever since the mass character slaughter that included my two favorite characters ended my love for the show. However, the few that stayed after the wiping out of 6 main characters in one season (2 million out of the 5 million original viewers) only get to experience 2 more seasons with him.

Now the show’s ratings are abysmal, and there are only a few original viewers of the show indulging in the weekly episodes. The Walking Dead has a pretty strange feeling to it now and truthfully doesn’t feel right anymore.