RHS aquatic facilities deserve to be upgraded


The Roseville High School swim team will be hosting the Capital Valley Conference league finals this year at Antelope High School in May. The reason the team will be hosting at AHS is because RHS’ facilities are inadequate and too small to host anything as big as league finals or another big tournament.

I believe that the RHS water polo teams and swim teams should get money to update our pool because, despite what everybody thinks, a lot of people in the community actually care about things like like water polo and swim.

They are not sports that are boring and that nobody cares about. They are sports that are very entertaining to watch.

If we actually had money to upgrade our pool then our school would be more professional. Now don’t get me wrong, I think our school is fantastic, but if we had a bigger and better pool, RHS would be comparable to some of the newest schools in the district and we would be able to host things such as league finals and other tournaments so we could actually raise more money for RHS aquatics.

RHS should get a new pool because it could turn into a community pool just like that of Woodcreek High School and it could raise money for the city.

The community could use another pool because there are only three in Roseville and the city could always use the money the pool would raise for other city-wide projects such as a new building or a new park.

Hosting at Antelope will allow the team to charge parking and entry fees. All of those proceeds will fund the swim team for later years. The swimmers that will be swimming in the meet will also get their split times and will get a more accurate time than they would if the meet was at RHS. This is because AHS’ facilities are more up-to-date in comparison to RHS.

As well as more advanced equipment, AHS’ pool has 10 lanes compared to RHS, which only has six.

However, AHS only uses eight of the lanes for the swimmers to swim in and the other two are used for swimmers to warm-up and cool down after their swim is over or before their swim has begun.

However, the cons to this decision are that the RHS swim team will have to set up and take down before and after the meet. Hosting at AHS also makes the team look unprofessional because we couldn’t host the tournament at our own pool.

This decision will also make it so that the parents of the swimmers will have to travel a little bit farther to watch their kids and watch their school compete.

It has become evident that the RHS swimming facilities are inadequate and behind newer schools’ swimming facilities. When it comes down to it, RHS aquatics has no money so the team can not receive the benefits of a new pool without raising the money themselves.