Swim to host league finals at Antelope


Roseville High School was set to host the Capital Valley Conference swim league finals meet this year. However, the event will not take place at RHS.

Instead, Antelope High School will hold the meet due to the RHS aquatic facilities’ inadequacy and lack of size and space.

Every year, the host of the CVC swim finals switches from one high school to another; this year is RHS’ assigned year, but AHS’ aquatic facilities are much bigger and more advanced and are better suited for large-scale events such as this one.

Varsity swimmer senior Adam Botnen believes that there are positives to hosting the meet at AHS, one being that AHS’ pool is much bigger than RHS’. According to Botnen, this will provide swimmers with multiple benefits.

“At Antelope, they have reserved lanes for warming up. So physically being able to warm up before each event will benefit us in finals,” Botnen said. “It’s also a bigger pool. Antelope has a 10 lane pool rather than our six lane pool.”

As well as having a bigger pool, AHS’ aquatic technology will allow for more accurate race times.

“At Roseville, we rely on manual plunger times, while at Antelope, it is more official because they have censored accurate times,” Botnen said.

RHS swim will be able to bring in vendors and collect gate fees at the meet this year and expects to earn more profit than previous years because of this. Coach Kevin Seals said that the RHS swim program looks to upgrade its facilities within the next few years in order to host larger events such as league finals.

According to Seals, RHS will not be capable of hosting a CVC league final meet at RHS until its facilities are upgraded and expanded. Seals also believes that the switch in hosting location will be much more fun for RHS’ swimmers because they will receive exact times and get to compete in a real pool.

“There is a huge difference between our pool and Antelope’s pool,” Seals said. “The swimmers now have the satisfaction of staying in the pool to cool off after they swim or compete. At Roseville, the swimmers have to get out of the pool and wait for other swimmers to compete in the meet. I just want the swimmers to swim confident wherever they swim and just have fun.”