Teacher and student share passion for footwear


We all have our interesting hobbies, but not all of our hobbies involve what we wear on our feet. These next two members of Roseville High School might know what it’s like to walk in other’s shoes from sharing their unique interests.

Math teacher Corey Fukuman and Junior Ian Stauffer are your average teacher and student, with only one thing in common, their knack for collecting interesting shoes.

“I have a job and I also work for my dad sometimes and he pays [me], and I spend my money on shoes” Stauffer said.

Over the last couple of years, Stauffer has built up their collection one shoe at a time. He now has around thirty pairs, his most expensive, a pair of Adidas NMD Laceless Shoes that cost him around two hundred dollars.

“My brother Clayton inspired me to start collecting shoes because, he bought a lot of them and I really liked what he was doing,” Stauffer said. “I’ve been collecting shoes since sophomore year, and I get Nike and Adidas. I like Adidas more though.”

Fukuman has a decade head start on Stauffer in this hobby, and has built up quite a collection in that time, he now has around two hundred pairs of shoes.

“Well I kinda always have liked shoes when I was younger and played basketball, but I really started heavily in 2009,” Fukman said. “I started collecting them and hanging onto them, and now I have so many.”

Both Stauffer and Fukuman are excited in collecting more shoes in the future.