Bring Me The Horizon disappoints with amo


After a little more than two years of waiting, rock band Bring Me The Horizon released their sixth studio album. The project is called amo, deriving from the Latin word “amor”, which basically means true love.

The album cover features a ripped sticker only leaving the word “amo” as a play on words,  symbolizing broken love. As much as I like the creativity in title, the music couldn’t be more disappointing.

The band completely strays from their deathcore, heavy metal roots, arriving at the scene with some sort of pop garbage. The last album obviously demonstrated a change in their music, being more of an alternative rock, but I found That’s the Spirit decent, with most songs obviously coming from a rock band.

I can understand why people would like the lighter tone, but for the original fans they want the metal, and they want the screaming we used to know instead of the new mainstream auto-tune.

There’s a few songs in the album that do sound  more like an alternative rock rather than pop, which I  found a lot more enjoyable.

Songs like Mantra, Heavy Metal, and Wonderful Life sound like they belong in That’s The Spirit,  as they exhibit the amazing Bring Me The Horizon touch.

The track Heavy Metal, talks about how the band won’t go back to their roots and, unironically, that they’re not heavy metal anymore. The lead singer Oliver Sykes previously stated that the screaming has taken a toll on his voice over the years.

As good as Sykes sounds, he’s been hospitalized because of their previous work. This very problem has made a huge impact on the band’s style of music and the tone of vocals they bring.

As much as I dislike this album, I won’t stop supporting what Bring Me The Horizon does. I think their change of style  was the best move for them to stay relevant in the mainstream world of music.

Sadly, it’s very unlikely for fans to see new music released close to the tone of their old work. Even though I don’t like it, I do suggest for others to give it a listen because you may enjoy it.