BRIEF: RHS hosts annual EdTechTeam Summit


Over the weekend, RHS’s campus hosted the annual EdTechTeam Summit, where teachers in  RJUHSD and districts throughout the area came to learn about new teaching tools and techniques from Google-certified educators. The conference aims to help teachers in integrating technology in the classroom.

English teacher Jamie Handling attended the conference for the fourth year in the row, and appreciates the potential it has to expand teachers’ skill sets.

“I like to learn new technology every year and I use google in my classroom almost every day,” Handling said. “So if I can utilize new apps and programs, then it just makes my class more interesting.”

For fellow RHS teacher Kelly Capell, working with different people at such conferences is the most enriching part of the experience. With the EdTech Summit in particular, she finds attending will help even the ground between students.

“We had some really good presenters,” Capell said. “They talked a lot about some culturally relevant information that would help students in our classroom have a more equitable experience.”