Sophomore expands cheer-leading experience across the country


After 9 years of cheer-leading, sophomore Allie Hoy gets the opportunity to attend a cheer-leading competition in Florida for the third time.

“[The competition] is like Nationals,” Hoy said. “And we compete at the ESPN Center at Walt Disney World.”

Hoy’s team, Golden Elite All-Stars, is continuing to practice and improve for Florida.

“We practice two days a week for two hours and we are starting to add practices so that we can become better,” said Hoy. “We are required to go two other times in the week to focus on tumbling.”

Hoy and the Golden Elite All Stars are beginning to prepare now for the upcoming competition.

“We are starting to prepare now and the competition is in May,” Hoy said. “So we’ll have a good amount of time to prepare.”

 Hoy’s friend Megan Larson is thrilled for her and is happy to see how much she has grown.

“I am so unbelievably proud of her,” says Larson,”I’ve gone to see her at showcases and I’m going to come see her cheer in a couple of weeks. She practices non-stop all the time and she posts little videos of her mastering new tumbling skills and it’s just so exciting to see how much she cheers.”