RHS Key Club hosts event for other division clubs


Key club hosted their first Winter Olympics last Saturday. Club members from RHS and other sites met in the cafeteria to celebrate.

The Olympics consisted of games and activities with winter themes. They participated in games such as snowball fights with dodge-balls, bobsledding, frozen t-shirt contests and cookie decorating.

Key Club member Claire Townsend believes the best part is the energy everyone brings, “I loved seeing the spirit from everybody,” Townsend said. “And we had each of their own teams make a flag so it [feels] like the Olympics.”

According to Townsend, Key Club enjoys inviting clubs from other schools because events like this will benefit the clubs.

“Our club really likes having get-togethers and involving other clubs with our own club,” Townsend said. “So it’s really cool to get people from our division together to create bonds.”

Key Club plans to continue hosting their Winter Olympics annually.