BRIEF: AP Information Night encourages parents, students to take the first step


Parents, teachers and students gathered last night for AP Information Night led by AP Coordinator Cari Oberreuter and AP Club President Kaitlyn Ang.

Multiple AP teachers across a variety of subjects set up booths for parents to approach and gain information about the variety of AP courses offered at Roseville High School.

The session was directed at parents of freshman, giving them the opportunity to learn more about certain classes, as well as talk to students who have been involved in the AP program throughout their high school career.

The student panel featured five Roseville seniors, with Ang serving as the question-and-answer moderator.

According to Ang, the student panel is the biggest draw to the event.

“Nothing beats actual experience from people who’ve gone through the programs,” Ang said. “Since a variety of students were presented, it shows that even those with jobs, extracurriculars and sports can still have the time to succeed.”

Principal David Byrd kicked the evening off by sharing the benefit his own daughters have had in college and beyond because of their decisions to take AP classes.

The purpose of the event was the ability for parents to voice their concerns and get answers from teachers as well as students who have been a part of AP throughout their high school career, according to Ang.

“AP Information Night was an opportunity for parents of students who are in AP or parents of students who want to take AP to ask questions and get to know the structure of the variety of AP courses offered at RHS,” Ang said. “Its main purpose was the student panel that gave a different perspective about the real-life struggles and successes of taking AP classes and balancing it with their other responsibilities.”

According to Ang, the night successfully encouraged more parents and students to take the first step and enroll in an AP course.

“I think AP Information Night will definitely increase AP enrollment because parents are more likely to encourage their students to take it, especially when they realize that taking AP isn’t as scary as it’s painted to be,” Ang said. “Not every student is the ‘perfect A-plus’ student, but everyone can learn and benefit from taking the classes.”