Sophomores, seniors attend 3rd annual Career Fair



Yesterday, RHS hosted its third annual career fair for sophomores and seniors to gain exposure to various career pathways. Both students participating in the fair and guests presenting appreciate the chance for students to explore options for their future.

“I think it’s good to see the different options of careers since I’m a senior and we are supposed to be focusing on that,” senior Trinity Chau said.

Sophomore Carlos Alvarez enjoyed the fair and exploring the potential careers students can look into.

“It gives you more options and more ideas of what to become and you can actually see what you can make in the future,” Alvarez said. “It’s pretty cool.”

US military serviceman Colin Gerhart enjoyed the ability to talk to students regarding post-graduate plans.

“My favorite part about career day is actually getting that face-to-face interaction. A lot of the time students spend time on the phone or on [social media],” Gerhart said. “Actually getting that face to face contact with [students] and to ask questions I would say is my favorite thing.”