Tackling wrestling to maintain 3-sport status

Junior finds support from friends, family in new athletic endeavors



Junior Gabby Supapo began playing wrestling this year after being cut from the girls varsity basketball team. Despite this setback, Supapo continues to find support from her fellow teammates and mother, another former wrestler.


Three sports, 12 seasons – the challenge to be a three sport athlete for all four years of high school can be daunting and only a small handful of RHS athletes accomplish this feat each year. For junior Gabby Supapo, one setback did not stop her from striving to accomplish her goal.

After playing tennis, basketball and swim in her freshman and sophomore year, after a successful junior tennis season, Supapo was faced with a tough decision. After being cut from the varsity basketball team, Supapo had to decide to play for the JV basketball team or to try something new to maintain her three sport athlete status.

After considering her options, Supapo chose to take on wrestling. By doing so, she is taking after her mother Ihrene, who also wrestled in high school.

“Because of basketball, she learned to believe in herself and gave her the courage to try something new like wrestling,” Ihrene said. “I am very proud of her for trying something outside of her comfort zone.”

The decision to try out wrestling may have come from her mother’s influence. Gabby’s mom was the only girl wrestler at her high school and she hopes that Gabby wanted to take after her in her choice to try out wrestling. Gabby’s mom was very pleased with her choice to join the wrestling team.

“I am very happy she is wrestling,” Ihrene said. “I can’t wait to see how much she will grow as a wrestler and an athlete.”

Gabby was encouraged to give wrestling a chance by her friend junior, Brendan Thao and her mother. Gabby, her mom and her friend all believe that wrestling will condition her to be a better athlete in her other sports. As she gets in better condition for her fall and spring sports, Gabby’s mom Ihrene is impressed with the results she’s been producing in wrestling.

“Honestly, I think she is doing great with what I’ve seen so far,” Ihrene said. “I am surprised to see how quick she is picking up the techniques and using them in her matches.”

Being a JV wrestler, Gabby will be able to build a strong wrestling foundation for her senior season and as the wrestling season progresses.

Gabby has quickly adapted to her new sport and sophomore teammate Cole Babini believes she is doing quite well.

“She’s picked up the sport very well, through conditioning and technique practices,” said Babini. “She was able to come in and adapt to wrestling.”