Handling publicates book deal success



Creative Writing teacher Jamie Handling’s newest book, Backstabber, is set to be published November 19, 2019. Though Handling has chosen to self-publish several of her works in the past, this is the first of her books which will be published under an official contract.


The process of publishing a book can take a variety of any multiple avenues, but ultimately, all of them require the perseverance, patience, and hardship to take the time to write a book.

Creative writing teacher Jamie Handling understands this well, as she has chosen to self-publish several books in the past. Now, it is Handling’s turn to take on the old-school publishing process through an official publisher.

Getting a novel noticed by a publisher is difficult, but Handling was able to secure her spot through an online competition held on Twitter. The competition – which occurs twice a year – is one where aspiring authors can tweet up to three book pitches within the span of 24 hours in the hope of attracting publishers.

If either a publisher or an agent likes an author’s tweet, they can contact the author and ask for a sample of the novel. Handling, for example, received multiple requests for samples of her work.

“I try not to think about it. I still try to write for myself,” Handling said. “[Though] obviously in the back of my mind I’m thinking of the possibility of publication, and getting an agent.”

Handling’s book, Backstabber, is a parallel of the story of Julius Caesar, set in an all-girls’ high school. The book is dear to her heart beyond the usual reasons, as it includes some of her favorite topics to teach students about.

Handling’s friend, English teacher Amy Mowrer, believes Handling’s personal writing experience benefits more than just herself.

“I think that helps her students have a lot of confidence in her as she’s guiding them through their own writing,” Mowrer said. “It gives them some hope that they too can achieve the goal of being a published writer at some point.”

While some published authors begin to shift their writing to impress and appeal to a more general audience, Handling never felt that pull, as the thought of writing for other people never affected her.

“You really can’t write for other people, because then it doesn’t sound authentic. It sounds forced,” Handling said. “And nobody wants to read a book that’s forced.”

Attempting to write a book takes a lot of patience, while getting a book noticed by a publisher is an even more trying cause. However, according to Handling, persevering in the times where it seems simpler to give up will pay off in the end.

“It’s totally worth it. I’ve been published before with short stories and even then, when in book form and talked about on the news, it’s just so emotional,” Handling said. “You want to just keep going and going and you want to keep challenging yourself.”

For Handling, the chance to see a book she has written in print format, available for voracious readers everywhere, is an amazingly exciting experience.

Burchette & Ferguson, the company that is set to publish Handling’s book, is having its grand opening this month.

The company is offering Handling various resources to better her novel in the upcoming months before it is published.

One of the first steps on the beginning of her journey to publication will be an editor, who will work with Handling throughout a five month period.

Later, she will work with both a book designer to create a unique and personalized cover, and, after that, a marketing team.