Toys for Tots program brings hope to Sacramento’s less fortunate children


Yesterday RHS held its annual Toys for Tots, where RHS students create an event to give Noralto Elementary School kids an unforgettable holiday.

Student Government member Jessie Fisher feels that bringing joy to the kids is one of the best parts of this event.

“It’s really fun because we get to see the kids really excited – because not everyone gets to have a really special Christmas, especially the kids from this school – so being able to make a difference and have them have a happy holidays is one of my favorite parts,” Jessie Fisher said. “It’s really awesome that everyone at this school helps out, because it’s amazing to see the kids light up when they open their presents. That’s definitely the most memorable part of the whole process.”

Noralto Elementary School Teacher Monica Roberts is thankful for the opportunity the kids receive, and the chance to kick back and watch the festivities.

“It a great field trip for us, we get to sit back and watch and the kids take care of everything for us,” Roberts said.