Captain Marvel looks to be incredible




The newest addition to the MCU is just over the horizon and we just got a peak at it. Captain Marvel has been a hero loved by most since her first comic book appearance released in May of 1968, and now getting to see a her in all her glory in the second trailer for Captain Marvel was a Beautiful sight.

The trailer showed lots of promise towards another great Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, the trailer was packed with a lot of action and hints towards scenes in the movie which me and other fans are loving.

 A few of the glorious moments in the trailer that had my thighs soaking through my seat was the appearance of Captain Marvel’s nemesis Ronan the Accuser, seeing one of the most well known characters throughout all the movies Nick Fury with both of his eyes intact, and most exciting for me was getting to see Captain Marvel flying through enemy spaceships and blasting energy pulses through her hands. These scenes are beautiful works of cinematographic masterpieces mixed with the wonderful Marvel movie formulas that give all their movies a polished finished look.

This trailer is looking wonderful and now that we have got a full length trailer instead of the short amount we viewed last time, this movie is absolutely guaranteed to be incredible and I can’t wait to see what it’s got to offer.