Rich The Kid drops anticipated album teaser


Heavily anticipated album teaser song Splashin’ by Rich The Kid dropped December 4th and it is exactly what I was looking for looking for.

Many of Rich’s fans have been hyping up The World is Yours 2 for a couple of months, and from what I’m hearing, I’m just as hyped.

Earlier this year, Rich dropped Plug Walk and New Freezer as teasers for his debut album The World Is Yours. Compared to Plug Walk, it is very similar. They both have a spacey, hypnotic sound with hard hitting 808’s. However Plug Walk had a slower, more relaxed vibe when you listen to it, where Splashin’ has a more upbeat, hype up feel.

In terms of lyrics, nothing really stands out from his other tracks. Same old fashion, cars, money talk that almost all rappers today write about today, which is now known as Bubblegum Rap.

Overall, I personally thought that Rich The Kid did a great job executing his lyrics in this amazing beat by TheLabCook and Frank Dukes, and I have a good feeling that his second album will do very well.