Live action Lion King trailer shows promise


 The newest live action rendition of an animated classic is here, and it is looking fantastic!

Seemingly piggybacking off the new trend of recreating originally animated classics movies into live action films such as Beauty and the Beast, The Jungle Book,  and Christopher Robin, The Lion King had it’s debut and boy did it deliver just what we wanted.

The first glimpse of this Disney produced masterpiece is the beautiful African red sun peaking over the mountain line and all the animals in the African animal kingdom preparing for the birth of their new prince. Directly following this glorious shot we get to see Simba stepping into the footprint of his father, a cinematic shot that gave all of us Lion King fans goosebumps all over! We see the wise monkey Rafiki lifting the baby high above all the kingdom below and the original Lion King theme music plays and it was glorious.

Fans need to be getting hyped up to the boiling point because the absolute of the master animation. The visual effects are stunning and looks like they are yanked right out of the real world.

The thing I’m most excited to see is the original story line coming to life. Getting to see the tormenting hyenas in the wasteland, or Scar, the main villain, or better yet seeing Timon and Pumba the goofy buddies that help Simba through his quest in live action would literally be a dream come true! This movie has been long awaited by fans and the fact that this what seems to be perfection of a film is right around the corner, we already have butterflies in our stomachs as to what this film could be about and I personally am ecstatic!