Thank U, Next music video breaks YouTube records


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Almost a month after the release of Ariana Grande’s Thank U, Next, she’s released the highly anticipated music video for the song.

Right now Grande is by far the biggest rising pop star this year. She’s single handedly carrying pop music on her back and this music video showed that she knows what she’s doing.

The video featured parodies of Mean Girls, Bring It On, 13 Going on 30 and Legally Blonde.

The theme, cameos and Easter eggs in this video were the smartest combination a pop star has compiled in a long time.

Grande’s friends, who are also well known, Colleen Ballinger and Troye Sivan also made appearances in the video which brought along all of their fans, which broadened the demographic.

Kris Jenner also made an appearance, which also brought in almost anyone who knows who the Kardashians are just to see what she’s going to do in the video.

Also featured were some of the original cast members from Mean Girls and Legally Blonde.

Ariana Grande is the signature pop star and her only competition is herself. She brought in these original ideas and perfect theme for this #1 song and it succeeded more than anyone thought it would.

The video broke multiple records and still breaking records at this moment. It was the fastest video to reach 55 million views in under 24 hours and was the biggest premiere on YouTube ever.

For anyone who thinks she’s not one of the biggest artists out there right now, thank u, next.