Conan Gray’s album, Sunset Season, a high school anthem



Nearing the end of his first Sunset Shows tour, Conan Gray released his first EP, Sunset Season a quick five songs on November 16th.

The EP begins with an already released song, Idle Town a slower song that plays to all the people of a small town, or maybe just their hometown. The song relates to the feelings of wanting to get out of your small town as soon as possible, a common feeling amongst all high schoolers. Idle Town is somewhat of a memoir to all small home towns as one grows up and leaves the Idle Town.

The following pre-released song, Generation Why, is a stab at all the stereotypes of the “millenium kids”. Once again Gray uses his clever lyrics and a mix of calming vocals to create a more pump-up type of jam, different from most of his somber tunes.

Thirdly, comes another pre-released song Crush Culture that likely to be the most pumped up song out of all of Conan Grays, and showcases his vocals right away. His mix of lyrics with backing vocals creates another dreamy mood.

Lastly comes the two new songs, Greek God and Lookalike, despite the two being quite slower songs compared to Crush Culture or Generation Why, one clearly exudes a more sad mood.

Greek God is a funky almost techno pop song with more dreamy vocals and catchy lyrics. While Lookalike is the slowest, sad song but effectively showcases Conan Grey’s vocals the best.

Throughout the whole EP the listener will enjoy clever and catchy lyrics while being serenaded by Gray’s vocals. If you want to catch these songs live, Gray will be going on another Sunset Shows tour, overall with 23 shows, three in California- the closest in San Francisco on March 13.