BRIEF: Air quality interrupts school events


Before Thanksgiving break, poor air quality led to the cancellation of school and consequently the rescheduling of several events.

Showings for Roseville High School Theater Company’s production of 30 Reasons Not to be in a Play were postponed until this week, with their final show scheduled for this Friday at seven p.m. According to drama teacher Jennifer Dithridge-Saigeon, this performance will help raise money for the charity Stand Up Placer, which focuses on domestic violence and human trafficking.

“Friday is what we call our show of support, and so it’s an opportunity for us to use the platform of theater and performance to raise money for a nonprofit or a charity,” Dithridge-Saigeon said. “We had an opportunity for anyone in the cast to choose a local charity, and then we took a vote and Stand Up Placer won, so we’re very excited.”

In addition, the Clash of the Classes rally will take place this Friday. It was initially scheduled for the Friday before break, but was rescheduled due to poor air quality prior to school’s cancellation.

According to student activities director Brent Mattix, rescheduling the rally led to difficulties in coordination, specifically in sharing the gym with basketball teams, and coordinating around teachers’ schedules.

“It was a good thing that it was rescheduled [earlier in the week] so that gave us a little bit of a jumpstart on planning, since we ended up not having school on Friday,” Mattix said. “We have a domino effect. If you start making adjustments to one event, you impact a lot of other athletic events, activities, and just classroom happenings.”

The rally will take place after second period, and all students will have lunch after third period.

CORRECTION: All students will have lunch immediately after the rally.