Students comfort teacher with stellar surprise


Spanish teacher Maria Pitts received a stellar surprise from her students. Pitts received a star in the sky in order to commemorate the legacy of her father.

Junior Summer Edon played a large role in the gift-giving process. She knew she couldn’t afford to simply stand by without commending her teacher, despite the hurdles Pitts had encountered.

“In class one day Senora Pitts was just having a rough day and she wanted to open up to her students and everything that she talked about it was just, I don’t want to say heartbreaking, but it just hit me really hard,” Edon said.

With the gift, Edon hoped to show how Pitts how her students admired her dedication to them.

“And I just thought that she was deserved something amazing because she is really going through a lot right now and she’s still coming to school, she’s still teaching she’s not letting that affect her, which is amazing,”

Pitts now has a reminder of her student’s everlasting support.