For her first performance with Roseville High Theatre Company, freshman Emma Watson performs in the two-act play, 30 Reasons Not To Be In A Play.

– Caitlin Tran

When did you start performing?

I’ve been in plays ever since I can remember, but they were always small shows, so taking it one step further in this play is a lot of fun.

Were there any challenges you faced during rehearsal?

What was definitely difficult was when it goes to a black out where all the lights go out and it’s completely dark and you can’t see anything, so it’s a lot of stumbling and it takes a lot of patience with each other.
Just the difference between working with your character and playing with your character: working with the character is always thinking about it but playing with your character is becoming that person and knowing what you’re doing. You want people to see you play with it, you don’t want them to see the work, so that was hard.

Is there a character you particularly enjoy playing?

Near the beginning I play a character named Mandy, who is hopelessly in love with a guy named Travis Thorburn, and that’s the character I play with a lot. You just think of your celebrity crush, or whoever it is, and go fully into that. It’s a fun character to play because she’s a hopeless romantic.

What drew you to the drama program?

I think it’s the bonds you make, and also the fact that it brings people out of their comfort zones.