Fortnite cube event brings excitement and change


The biggest event ever to happen in Fortnite happened last Sunday at 10 a.m PST. The Fortnitemares event started on the October 24, there are hordes of new enemies called fiends and brutes which are basically zombies coming from the Infamous Cube, nicknamed “Kevin”. Players were excited at first about this feature, but quickly grew frustrated when the monsters attacked them in a middle of a fight.

Fortnite tweeted that a Live Event for the Cube will take place on November 4. Before that, Kevin was holding up Islands at ‘Leaky Lake’ (formerly Loot Lake) and travelling to corrupted areas, lifting chunks of rock, and creating craters.

The Final Cube event, or the Butterfly event, is something like you’ve never seen before. It starts by the floating cube spinning which gradually gets way faster. When at the max spinning peak, the cube explodes, making your screen completely white, then all the players in the match are transported to a strange, trippy dimension.

After floating around for about 30 seconds, a magical butterfly lands on your finger, transporting you back to the original Fortnite map, but there is a major change. The floating island has transformed into a paradise-like landscape, with bloomed flowers and bright colors, and a giant rainbow above the location. Also, new challenges were created for players to unlock the new Lil’ Kev back-bling.

Epic Games has done a great job with this live event, where it happened simultaneously across all platforms all over the world. Fortnite developers even said this event was way better and bigger compared to their first live event where a rocket ship flew around the map before disappearing into the sky.