The Performance of the Week for the week of 10/22 is the Roseville’s girls varsity tennis team. On 10/24, Kaitlyn Ang and Taylor Diep took first place in CVC for their doubles bracket. Alyssa Stilwell and Gabby Supapo also took first place in their CVC doubles bracket. Maya Tooker and Madi King were placed in the in the number one seed in super doubles but lost in the semifinals.
Varsity tennis coach Shamila Tooker is proud of her hard working players and their dedication to the sport.

“All four girls have been on JV the past few years and worked hard in the off season to secure a spot on Varsity this season,” Tooker said. “Yesterday they played hard and hungry for the win and it was fantastic to watch them reach their goals.”

Tooker believes that because of their strong work ethic, they were able to be successful this season.

“I attribute most of their success to putting in the work in the off-season and at practice,” Tooker said. “The process can be long and hard to earn that top spot, but that reaching their goals have made it worthwhile.”