Nightmare Before Christmas bridges holiday gap


Just as we transition through seasons, we’re lost trying to find good cinema to tune into. Too late for a Halloween movie and too early for a Christmas movie. Load up your Tablet, TV, or laptop with a streaming service and take a look at The Nightmare Before Christmas, a holiday classic that perfectly encapsulates the spooky haunting feeling of Halloween and the Jolly good feels of the Christmas season.

The Nightmare Before Christmas was completely claymation, meaning that for every second, 24 pictures were taken, slightly moving the clay figure to make it’s movements seem life-like.

Once you know the technique that was used to make these characters move, it brings a whole new feel to this movie. It just goes to show how astonishing and incredible and movie is being that it was made with 110,000 pictures to create this masterpiece!

The movie does a prefect job of grabbing that terrifying Halloween feeling and ripping it straight out of all the monsters that lurk on Halloween. Showing all of the stitched up rag tag ghosts, zombies, and skeletons, that again were made 100% out of clay.

Whilst accidentally bumping into Christmas Town, Jack, the pumpkin king, experiences many of the traditional Christmas time festivities, throwing in pinches of that Christmas feeling, but not enough to overpower the film and put you in the Christmas feeling quite yet.

The Nightmare Before Christmas had an absolutely impeccable soundtrack as well, which made the viewers of the film get one of the only holiday movies to feature a song about Halloween making this film extremely memorable. The movie is a must watch film for people of all ages and great for this transition between seasons.