Takeoff’s new song “Last Memory” takes off


As a teaser for his upcoming solo album The Last Rocket, Rapper and Migos member Takeoff dropped Last Memory. The tracks recaps how life was on Northside of Atlanta, Georgia where he grew up, along with him describing his life today with jewelry, money, cars, etc.

Takeoff gives a unique flow with a clean combination of lyrics. Although the song doesn’t have too much meaning and has lyrics that talk about the same rich life like all of the Migos do, it definitely stood out because Takeoff has a godly flow that isn’t similar to any other flows from his past songs, or anyone else’s in general. Every time I hear a Migos song I am always excited to hear Takeoff’s verse, where he literally ‘takes off’.

Last Memory is a little different than his older songs from both Culture albums, and some of the Migosold songs like Commando, Pipe It Up, or Fight Night.

The mood of the track is a little more laid back and has a spacey tone. Over the past year, major Takeoff fans have been begging him to release a solo album, and I feel like the fans will not be let down at all, like they were with Quavo’s album, where everyone was very disappointed. His album The Last Rocket is set to drop November 2.