Halloweentown: Old but Gold




The early 2000’s was a nostalgic time period for almost anybody in high school today and any kid that experienced childhood during that era will know what it was like when the Disney Channel was in its prime, constantly putting out original quality content unlike what it is today.

Arguably one of their best movies was Halloweentown, every Halloween, the channel would put on this movie along with other Halloween themed movies and this was definitely the one to look forward to. This reaction later ended up leading to three sequels to the original.

The Halloweentown series definitely follows the trend that most series do, with the original and sequel being the best then the third installment going down in quality then the last one being the worst. While the last two did not receive the best fan reaction they are still very enjoyable to watch if you are a fan of the series, however these movies did do well critically at all this is probably the reason for their not being anymore movies.

While the rest of the movies are good I am only going to focus on the original film. It is very lazy to critique this movie based on the quality and special effects, after all this was made 20 years ago with a TV studios budget. Taking that into account it is amazing how good the movie turned out being better quality than some modern day Hollywood blockbusters.

The reason why this outdated 90’s movie and every other older classic that is still widely appreciated today is not because of the actor they pay to be the cover of their movie or how good their CGI actions scenes are, it is because of the heart that the people making it put into the film and that is seriously lacking in movies these days.

Now don’t get me wrong this is definitely no Star Wars or Jurassic Park but it does have heart and that is what makes or breaks a movie for me.

If you are feeling a lack of Halloween spirit this year or you just want to sit down and enjoy a good Halloween movie, this is sure to get you into the mood for this spooky season.