Despite FIT recommendations, drainage still not fixed


Everyone on the Roseville High School campus has heard of Lake Roseville at least once or twice during the past couple of years. If you haven’t already then you’ll see the so called “lake” yourself this rainy season. But why is it still a thing to this day and why has nothing changed?

During the 2016-17 school year, Eye of the Tiger did a story on the “good” rating Roseville High School received on the Facility Inspection Tool (FIT) report and instead of the “exemplary” rating we usually get. The list covers a broad spectrum of categories such as systems, interior, cleanliness, electrical, safety, etc.

In the same 2016-17 year RJUHSD staff held a board meeting to update and change the old FIT report with new categories to inspect and cover. Instantly the new report was approved and updated with new inspections to look over such as “drainage” and making sure there is no flooding or storm drains clogged.

Still to this day nothing has changed on campus regarding the 900’s parking lot,  other flooded areas around school campus such as the end of senior square or by the 400’s wing.

I’ve walked into class late trying to avoid the immense puddles of danger. I’ve walked into class with wet shoes, socks and even the cuffs of my pants soaked because I was forced to man up and walk through the deep water.

And I cannot be the only one has felt this uncomfortable, annoying and angering feeling. I watch students take off their shoes just to get by and I’ve experienced people crowding around, finding new ways around the puddles.

We as students do not deserve to have this happen to us. We deserve a campus that we can feel comfortable with to go outside and eat lunch, talk to friends and not have to worry about dodging the massive puddles.  

With a campus that’s over 100 years old, Roseville sticks out like a sore thumb on safety compared to other schools in the district. No other school besides us has developed a culture attitude where we feel that we are uncomfortable with the way the campus handles external safety issues.

There is no such thing as “Lake Woodcreek”. Why does our district allow there to be a “Lake Roseville” then?

If flooding and drainage is supposed to be looked at by the district, then why was our campus out of all schools overlooked when we need it most? And with all the other renovations going on around the high school, from a student’s view it seems like it is gonna be an eternity before we get any flooded area on our campus fixed.

The fall rainy season is now coming closer and closer everyday.

Why should we have to go through this terrible flooding that gets everywhere year after year after year again?

It’s almost to the point with no hope for this season as well. Renovations this big will take major time to complete, possibly even having to be executed when school is not in session considering the substantial nature of these problem areas and how often the students and faculty use these areas to get around.  

The campus has been this way for many years and if you are a senior then you definitely know it. We’ve been forcefully made to deal with this issue for too long, so let me ask you this.

How long will our fellow students have to walk through ankle deep water before our district actually does something about it?