Third season of Daredevil continues to exceed expectations


After the long awaited arrival, the third season of the most popular Marvel Netflix show; Daredevil, is finally here and it exceeds all standards and beyond. This show completely blows all previous seasons out of the water. It’s impeccable cinematography, suspenseful plot line, and visual aesthetics all were superior to previous seasons.

The show initially captivates their audience with it’s revisiting of the fan favorite character, Kingpin, who made his groundbreaking debut in the first season where he stole comic book fans hearts with his all to accurate portrayal of this merciless underground mob boss. Who got a visual revamp, being given his original comic book suit, which gave fans even more reasons to love the show.

The third season of Daredevil gives us another looks at the extremely well made cinematography with there unbroken scene showed in all seasons where the director does a singular take for an excellent choreographed fight lasting upwards of 10 minutes. And this season’s was better than anything Daredevil, let alone the MCU has ever done. The director and choreographer went from the inside of a prison, to a hospital, and finishing on a bridge all in one singular take, impressing people that aren’t even fans of the show.

The acting in this season was brought to a whole new level due to the expanding complexity of each of  the characters. In the intense dramatic scenes, you feel as if you are there with them and feeling their pain. The actor who plays Karen Page, Deborah Ann Woll, steals the award for the best actor in this season. After her character was driving more in depth and her dark past is revealed and her character becomes much more complex and she is able to do a very good job of playing the role of a conflicted person with a broken past. This character felt all too real to me and I absolutely loved it.

Most importantly in this season we see a fan favorite Daredevil villain, bulls-eye. All of us fans were extremely surprised when we saw the addition of this character but we were not disappointed. bulls-eye, a psychopathic FBI agent, was portrayed perfectly in this season and was even darker than we would have ever expected. Though many fans wanted to see him in his original costume, which he doesn’t get in this season, we were still excited to see him in the MCU.

This season was absolutely incredible giving us a taste of perfection for this show. It earns a definite 10/10 rating, and with the cliffhanger it ended on, it left us fans watering at the mouth for what’s to come in the next season.