Black Ops 4 triumphs Fortnite in Battle Royale


Let’s be honest here: Fortnite is a garbage game that is going downhill. Treyarch was kind enough to speed up the process of the games death with releasing the newest Call of Duty. In my honest opinion  Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is the best video game since Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 no cap.

After the recent failures of the past two Call of Duty games, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has broken that sad losing streak. With this being one of the most hyped video games since the teasers I didn’t think it would ever live up to it, being a more futuristic game, which is what people weren’t exactly looking for. Because of the first trailer looking like a “copy and pasted” Black Ops 3, the game got a lot of backlash in the beginning.

Treyarch for sure took the more risky route adding a completely new healing system and extra fifty health rather than the normal Call of Duty’s, making the game-play a whole new style. Multiplayer is a nice and refreshing experience to all of same boring things in the past. Game-play is way more technical and skill based which makes almost everyone play sweaty. You’re going to encounter a sweaty player in every Call of Duty, but I swear everyone in that game is so competitive, and that is what makes it fun.

Having to heal yourself may seem like a hassle and cause for slower game-play, but in fact that’s the opposite. It’s the fastest healing Call of Duty has seen making you be able to rush around the map, hop in and out of gunfights, heal, and get right back in there. The extra fifty health rewards more skilled players because now it’s not just whoever gets the first shot down.

Not really the sweaty multiplayer person? Try Zombies. With three maps released at base game launch and a fourth if you have the DLC season pass, there’s so much to do. Remakes from Black Ops 1 and 2 give you that nice fanboy nostalgia everyone loves. New maps mean new easter eggs to beat and more time that will consume your normal life when you can’t just stop at “that round”.

Finally there’s Blackout, the brand spankin’ new Call of Duty Battle Royal. Unlike Fortnite every gunfight isn’t just whoever has the RNG gods in their favor. Blackout takes actual skill, so no 10 year old spraying an SMG can kill you before you even have time to make a move. This being the biggest Call of Duty map in history there’s a lot to explore to find your squad’s prime landing to spot to always take dubs.

I know all you Fortnite fanboys are hesitant, but I can tell you this game is amazing and a huge recommend to anyone coming back to Call of Duty, trying a new series, or just getting annoyed of being killed by little kids with RPG’s. Make the switch, play the better game.