Indie pop-rock singer Boy Pablo releases second EP



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After more than a year since releasing their first EP, Boy Pablo dropped Soy Pablo their second EP earlier this month.

Pablo first released Losing You in mid-March and Sick Feeling later in June both as singles, however they both appear on Soy Pablo.

A day before releasing the EP, the band opened a hotline where fans could call to talk to to Pablo directly or listen to one of their unreleased songs, Feeling Lonely.

Feeling Lonely, the popular opening song begins with a funky guitar riff, continues with upbeat vibes despite the opposite type of lyrics and a catchy chorus that puts you in a dreamy mode.

Wtf, a quick 1 minute follow up to Feeling Lonely serves the same funky riffs with the guitar that sound much more of a electric keyboard.

Similar to Feeling Lonely, T-Shirt gives out a dreamy vibe as well with interesting keys that transitions into Limitado, slowing down the tempo. Out of all, Limitado retains the most chill and relaxing vibe, while singling out lead singer, Nicolas Pablo’s vocals.

The beat picks back up at Losing You, then slows back down at Tkm, the 5 minute song to close out the EP. Totaling at 27 lines the song is more instrument heavy, and the singing ends less than halfway through, leaving the listener with a nice instrumental outro where they have time to reflect on the EP as a whole.

Soy Pablo refreshes me with more Indie Rock and encompasses a dreamy vibe throughout the whole EP.

Originally from Norway, the band will be doing a Nordic tour in 2019, however according to lead singer, Nicolas Pablo they do not have any plans to tour the U.S.