BRIEF: Third PLTW Engineering class may offer college credits


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A dual enrollment Project Lead The Way Engineering class may be available for Roseville High School students to take in the near future.

Dual enrollment classes act as the equivalent of a college course all while on campus and still offering the accompanying college credits.

PLTW teacher John Fuller strongly believes in the window of opportunity that the course’s transition would open.

“Dual enrollment courses are theoretically open to anyone, students [that don’t attend RHS] could take the class with you. It’s nice because unlike AP courses, you don’t have to take [an AP test],” Fuller said.

RHS junior James Templeton believes the chance for college credit would aid his future.

“If I did want to do engineering after high school and go into that as my profession, it would be a lot easier because I wouldn’t have to pay for classes and then I wouldn’t have to spend time doing the extra classes,” Templeton said. “It would just make life easier down the road. Fuller hopes that dual enrollment engineering will become the third installment of the class in the RHS engineering pathway.