BRIEF: Guitar class receives new guitar racks


The guitar program on RHS recently received new guitar racks. Guitar teacher Austin Gaessar worked with principal David Byrd to attain the funds; purchased from the Wenger Corporation, the new racks cost approximately $1,000 each.

Gaessar hopes that the new racks will alleviate problems presented by the former – namely better organization, student safety, and guitar safety.   

“[The old racks] were a little dangerous for the students because they had sharp edges, and the guitars would fall over a lot because the dividers wouldn’t really stay in the same place all the time,” Gaessar said. “For the longevity of the guitars and to keep them from getting damaged, it was best in invest in some new racks.”

The new racks have cleared out space in the classroom, and helped the class save time at the beginning of the day.

Gaessar hopes to invest in one more rack in the future to place the rest of the guitars in the class.