BioMed students may receive honors credit



Seniors work on a lab in Principles of BioMedical Science.


Student currently enrolled in Project Lead the Way BioMed, could receive honors credits for this semester.

According to PLTW teacher, Erin Granucci, plans are currently in consideration to allow PLTW courses to receive honors credit.

“We just feel that the rigor and the content that the kids are getting in all the courses is really advanced,” Granucci said. “Before it’s just been an elective course and now with honors credit it would be recognized for that grade bump and for what the kids are doing in here.”

If the program switches to a honors course, students who took the program in the past could possibly receive credit as well.

Roseville High School senior Savannah Madler wishes the change was made earlier so it could help her when entering college.

“Since I’m a senior and I’m not getting the grade bump it’s kind of disappointing because this class is putting on hours of homework every night, and since I’m going into the medical field it would put me ahead in college if it was waited,” Madler said.

Granucci believes all students throughout RJUHSD should receive the same credit for PLTW courses.

“It is something that we don’t want to just do as Roseville, because you do have Antelope [High School] students who also have PLTW courses and there are a couple PLTW courses on other campuses,” Granucci said. “We want to make sure that all of our students in the district are eligible for this, I think it just helps the district as a whole.”


UPDATE: BioMed students will not be receiving honors credit for past, nor future enrollment.