Jack Ryan, Amazon Prime’s first noteworthy TV series




With Netflix and Hulu producing Emmy-worthy originals every month, it was just a matter of time before Amazon was joining the race to be the best streaming service. Amazon has already put out solid projects like Transparent and Sneaky Pete, but their latest one has to be my favorite.

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan has appeared on big screen five times, but this is the first on TV and it is easily the best. John Krasinski is very interesting in this role because most are familiar with him in The Office and his recent film debut in A Quiet Place, he is constantly proving himself in every role he does, never feeling like he is playing the same character twice.

The series tells the story of a former US Marine now working as a CIA analyst that is put in the middle of a dangerous field assignment when he discovers a pattern in terrorist communication. This leads to a dangerous string of events that threatens the safety of millions.

Amazon really put the time and money into this and it shows in the product. The quality of the show never declines. Like many HBO originals, it feels like I am watching a movie rather than a TV show.

A controversial part of the show is whether or not the events taken place and the situations the characters are put in are realistic or not. I feel the plot of the antagonist is well flushed out and realistic up until the very end. The season finale was slightly far fetched, but it didn’t take me out of the show completely, there was an entertainment value to it.

The antagonist is the best aspect of the show. He has a fully realized arc all the way to when he was a child. His story is meant to show the audience how easily a normal kid or person can lose their way and become a terrorist or extremist and I actually cared while watching the process.

The season is only eight episodes long and about one hour each, but is already confirmed for a second season so you better get caught up before it comes out.