WATCH: Beetlejuice




One movie that is a must watch any time of the year is the 80’s cult classic Beetlejuice. With the fall season rolling in and Halloween coming up, this is a perfect movie to watch alongside any other Halloween movies this year. Tim Burton created a classic with this one, Beetlejuice is one of the most rewatchable movies of all time.

From Michael Keaton and his ecstatic performance, to the out of place music of Harry Belafonte that weirdly somehow works, you never get bored. Even though this movie was made 30 years ago there is never a moment where the effects seem outdated or cheesy it all just feels like the style and quirkiness of the movie.

Even though Tim Burton is a master of dark and damp movies, this really shows his talent in how he doesn’t let this fall into the same category without making the tone feel dramatically different.