BENNETT: RHS – acknowledge the bad, appreciate the good


Funny caveat: I almost didn’t come to RHS. I’d heard the rumours – Roseville High School, the school that must not be named.

There were no specifics, just a general assumption that if I went to a school like Woodcreek, I’d receive a better high school experience and education guaranteed.

And I almost did.

My parents, when looking for a new house, got one in the Woodcreek area.

I was all set and ready for my transition to this school that everyone had presumed would leave me a better, happier person.

But at the last second I panicked and chose to stumble blindly after the security of my friends to RHS; no one wants to start over in high school.

And boy am I glad I did.

RHS has a reputation as the school on the “other side of the tracks,” as a school with lower averages or a more dysfunctional, broken down campus and a plethora of cockroaches.

And even though most of this might be true (Lake Roseville, anyone?) we don’t get enough credit for what we do have.

Our campus is falling apart, but hey – it has personality.

And I’m jealous of the beautiful campus the district’s sixth high school will receive, but I also wouldn’t trade out ours – with all its history and quirks (so, so many) – for Woodcreek’s open quad.

I like that our campus is practically a maze, even if it’s one that’s falling apart; it builds character.

But, even more importantly, I love that our school is so diverse.

I love that we are holding a Multicultural Day to help expose students to all the different cultures and backgrounds people come from at this school.

Because this is such an important age for us to learn about each other, now that we are older and more empathetic.

And it can be so easy to live within our own world, and grow up only knowing our own way of life.

We have an entire program dedicated to helping people love and understand each other (shout out to Peer Helping) – not to mention the countless other programs and classes with dedicated staff members driven to help students.

Roseville High School isn’t perfect by any means, but I believe it’s worth a little appreciation now and then.

I’m sure I won’t stop nit-picking at our school any time soon, but it’s nice to take a moment to appreciate what we do have.