HUMANS OF RHS: Jordan Peppers


Despite only being in his freshman year, Jordan Peppers is already eager to take on
life and start earning money, rather than spend his time in classes at RHS. Peppers is considering his options and looking into creating an app in order to begin earning money. Peppers believes his coding experience gives him an edge in his goal and simultaneously serves his desire to get a job. Peppers credits his sister and uncle, who designs computers, as both served as inspiration for Peppers.

— Nicole Khudyakov


“I used to take a coding class last year, but I stopped so I could play football this year. It’s actually very easy; it’s not that hard to figure out or to remember. I know it’s just like a golden ticket to having a good life and having lots of money to take care of me and my family. My strategy [is] to start off practicing and start messing around to see what I can do, what ideas I can come up with, and just keep working at it, [and] working at it and sooner or later, hopefully, I can i can figure out how to make a functional app.”