BRIEF: SB 328 vetoed by Gov. Brown, no start time changes for RHS


Last edition, Eye of the Tiger covered Senate Bill SB-328 – the start time bill that, if signed, would have required middle schools and high schools in California to move start times to 8:30 a.m. or later. However, governor Jerry Brown vetoed the bill, leaving start times up to individual schools and districts.

The same bill was initially proposed several years ago, but the legislation failed in the California State Assembly Floor vote. That year, Ron Severson, who was RJUHSD superintendent at that time, stated that the district was considering moving start times back to improve the health of students and help them succeed in school.

However, RJUHSD is not currently considering moving start times back for the foreseeable future, due in part to the complications it presents district-wide. Instead, the district is focusing on other avenues to improve students’ mental health, including the various Wellness Centers implemented this year on each school site.

According to current RJUHSD superintendent Denise Herrmann, the most compelling reason to move start times back would be specific data, from surveys and the like, that demonstrates how the current start time is affecting students throughout RJUHSD in particular.

“I have experienced a school that had an 8:25 start time, Students reported that that was a positive influence on their outlook for the day,” Herrmann said. “That decision was made because we had clear evidence from our own local community that that was a problem… Before any change would be made here at Roseville, I’d like to have that same kind of analysis.”

In vetoing the bill, Brown states that SB-328 interfered with decisions that should be made locally, by each community and district rather than through government interference.

This means that RJUHSD will have complete autonomy in determining any plans revolving around start time mandates it may or may not place on schools.