Suicide awareness presentation required by new California law


To close out Suicide Prevention Month, RJUHSD staff planned a suicide awareness presentation for students during their second period classes yesterday. The presentation consisted of a series of videos to provide people information on suicide, as well as mental health in general.

In part, the presentation was motivated by Governor Jerry Brown signing Assembly Bill 2246, requiring California schools to present information on suicide intervention. According to counselor Graciela Fernandez, the materials shown aim to allow students to recognize the characteristics of suicide.

“Just making them aware of the signs to look for not only in themselves but in other people,” Fernandez said. “Signs that they have low mood, depression, possibly thinking about suicide and the resources that are available on campus when they are concerned about themselves or a friend.”

Sophomore Alesandra Cariaga believes that such resources and presentations are essential to providing students with strategies to deal with high school.

“I know that a lot of people deal with stress in different ways, but some people don’t have those coping mechanisms yet,” Cariaga said. “So I think it’s very important that we talk about that, so people can learn from other people how they can cope better.”