Kim Petras drips her blood onto Halloween hype


LGBT artist Kim Petras dropped an unannounced Halloween themed EP last night, Turn Out the Lights, Vol. 1.

Featuring eight disco mixes inspired by her love of horror movies, Petras drips some blood and adds some moody, night-time synths onto her usual brand of pop perfection just in time for Halloween.

Petras goes for goth-pop jams with a disco twist in songs like Tell Me It’s A Nightmare, sandwiched between instrumentals with heavenly vocals and ominous synth, but the real bop here is Turn Off The Light featuring a spoken word interlude from Elvira.

As if I wasn’t already, this album hyped me up for Halloween and all things spooky and scary. Just listening to this album makes me want to pick out an elaborate costume from Evangeline’s Costume Mansion in Old Sacramento and decorate my house with faux cobwebs and plastic spiders.

Petras’s music is usually upbeat and poppy and this album not only exposed me to a different side of pop but to all of Petras’s music.

I’m happy to say I have a new underground pop star to fanboy over. I will certainly be listening to her music and while she’s on tour with Troye Sivan I’ll get to see her on his social media. If she collabs with Sivan, that might just be a match made in heaven.