TRAILER WATCH: Captain Marvel trailer teases new hero, excites


Another addition to the MCU had dropped today, Captain Marvel, and it looks great, we are seeing all types of new things that have been alluded since Iron Man all the way to the newest Avengers Infinity War.

For the first time, we see Captain Marvel in picture and her suit is great. They show us her new and not quite improved green suit, which looks a little too close to the generally hated Green Lantern suit, throughout most of the trailer but at the end we get a call out to original fans of the comics who wanted see her comic book suit and I as well as many others were not disappointed!

Throughout the trailer we get to see most of the lore behind her that all the fans have been dying to see. We also get to see retro Nick Fury and Agent Coulson who have appeared in nearly every single MCU movie since Iron Man.       

This trailer is looking super exciting and I can’t wait to see what the whole movie has in store for us Marvel fans, being that we have been drowning in excitement ever since Infinity War alluded to her arrival to the MCU, in April of  this year.