Netflix’s Iron Fist’s second season a smash hit


Recently released Iron Fist season two was an instant success, covering all the mistakes of it’s previous season. From taking out jump cuts in fight scenes to focusing on lesser known characters, Iron Fist season two is a huge improvement.

First we see the iconic duo of  Colleen Wing, a martial arts specialist played by Jessica Henwick, and Simone Missick portraying detective Misty Knight, a highly trained NYPD officer dead set on cleaning up her city. The teaming of these characters shined great light on the show and also gave a strong comedic aspect to it as well.

On top of the comedy, it also knew where to draw the line and keep its seriousness. The writers knew that their last season was torn apart by critics. This time they worked to fix all of their previous problems, while also adding new components to amp up all of the action, character building, drama. Overnight the series reviews skyrocketed.

The last season lacked action, well choreographed and filmed fight scenes, character lore, and well developed villains unlike Marvel’s other Netflix shows such as Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones which were all strong in all the aspects listed above.

Iron Fist season two was a great addition to the Marvel’s Netflix series and fit the mold and feel all the other shows have. As seen in the trailer, you will see the addition of multiple Iron Fist holders and strong emotional pulls coming from the character development of many new characters like Davos, Danny Rand’s best friend who had a light shined upon him in this newest season taking the roll of the main villain. Which was a build up we’ve been seeing since season one.

We also see Joy, Danny Rand’s sister, develop greatly. She went from just a filler role to an powerful role and the accomplice to the main villain which was also built up from season one. This season was a smash hit gaining mine as well as millions respect for its place in the Netflix Marvel MCU.