BRIEF: RHS plans to install more bike racks, alleviate crowding


Administration’s push to prevent students from locking their bikes to various areas on campus has met some challenges. Due to a limited number of bike racks, students have resorted to locking their bikes to fences and gates around campus.

Junior Nathan Sangria believes that more bike racks, as well as a different bike-rack location, would help decrease the number of people who rely on alternative areas to lock their bikes.

“I definitely agree with [admin] on moving the bikes out of the way, but they really should add more bike racks,” Sangria said. “The bark right next to the fence is filled with thorns and the thorns often pop the tires. There’s a lot of complaints about how the bike racks are over here, and people would definitely appreciate having bike racks all over campus so they wouldn’t have to go exclusively to the 900’s building to park their bikes.”

Though nothing is finalized, admin is planning on moving the current bike racks in anticipation of the new auxiliary gym, and is looking into installing additional bike racks.