DEL VALLE TONOIAN: Lackluster spirit week leaves students spirit-less


In the heat of the moment, Student Government “planned” a spirit week for the RHS vs WHS game. Not only was it planned very last minute, it was downright inappropriate and disrespectful.

It’s quite obvious that there was no plan because Homecoming is in two weeks. It seems that it was planned hastily in retaliation to Woodcreek’s “Beat RHS” spirit week.

Simple mistakes plaguing the banners around campus further add to the farce that this week is. Spelling spirit ‘spirt’ and maniac ‘manic”. It’s not like this was on a poster tucked away on a corner of campus, this was on the main poster in Senior Square.

Most if not all students had no prior knowledge of this because of how hastily it was planned. The only reason I knew was because I overheard the Executive Director of Eye of the Tiger talking about it.

Not only was it poorly planned, the themes are downright absurd. Moeller Maniac Monday? What does that even mean? It’s so bad they actually had to clarify what the themes were in parentheses below the titles.

One of the themes was “Band Together Tuesday” which supposedly equated to wearing bandanas, which are outright banned for students to wear in the dress code. With all the controversy around the dress code the past month and a half, it’s quite brave for what is supposed to be a school sponsored event to directly contradict the dress code.

Not to mention Tuesday marks the seventeenth anniversary of the tragedy in New York City, 9/11. To have a spirit week overlap such a somber day seems insensitive to not only the affected families, but also the our nation as a whole.  At least we’re not promoting students to dress in camo on 9/11 (unlike Woodcreek).

Another ‘theme’ was “White Mob Wednesday”. Do I even have to explain? Granted, Woodcreek has a similar day, “Black Mob Friday”, just the name “White Mob Wednesday” screams… something it shouldn’t.

At least we’re not doing another “Rich Out” day.