Student finds passion in homemade dolls


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Artists like Leonardo Da Vinci and Monet have reputations as a few of the greatest creative minds of their respective generations and they frequently found themselves with a constant influx of new ideas in unique media. RHS senior Jonna Giorgi experiences similar creative afflictions with similarly unconventional media, which take hold and causes her to flit from project to project. Among her various creative ventures, one of Giorgi’s most recent has been repainting dolls.

Georgi first discovered the possibility of DIY-ing dolls this April while online. She didn’t waste time in buying her first few dolls and quickly began working to replicate the process.

“I stumbled upon this Youtube channel called Dollightful,” Giorgi said. “And then I started watching a ton of other channels too. I got hooked.”

It took some effort, but Georgi’s previous experience as a painter left her with steady hands. Using Acetone to rub off the face, Georgi would apply Sealant and meticulously draw on each doll’s features with acrylic paint.

Giorgi’s mother, Marnie Giorgi, was initially surprised by the subject of her daughter’s artistic focus, but quickly grew used to it.

“She’s super creative, so she’s always thinking of different things to make and projects to work on,” Marnie said.

Along with the rest of her family members, Marnie encourages Jonna’s creative outlets, due to the visibly positive effect they have on her.

“I think her crafts have helped her connect with people [and] I think she’s learned to take chances,” Marnie said. “Even if she thinks she can’t do it.”

Mimi Fischer, one of Giorgi’s grandmas, contributed to some of Giorgi’s creative tendencies when she taught her to sew and never to give up on her ambitions. Even then, she saw Giorgi use her new skills to create clothes and stuffed animals.

“It’s fun to spend time with [Jonna], because she’s so open to learn [and] to know what you know,” Fischer said. “I hope she stays with it, because I think that path is where she belongs,”

Now, Fischer continues to be impressed at her granddaughter’s dedication to her interests, as well as the care and creativity she puts into her projects.

“It’s something I’ve never seen or anything comparable to it,” Fischer said, “Her imagination is just endless.”

Giorgi’s friend, Finn McAnlis, is familiar with Jonna’s creative tendencies. According to McAnlis, he knows Giorgi to be a naturally artistic, who puts effort into the things that inspire her and brings life to her creations.

“It’s not what you think of as art, but it is art,” McAnlis said. “They all have their own personalities, so to speak and they’re all personalities that she gives them.”

Marnie encouraged her daughter to spread her talent on the internet through the creation of an online store. She has seen how positively friends and family members react to the quality of Jonna’s work and believes a store will hold new opportunities for her daughter.

“I think it would be great if she started to sell them,” Marnie said. “I think it’ll just absolutely give her more confidence [too].”