Loss of bus drivers prompts route revisions


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Bus routes are facing major changes due to a limited amount of bus drivers compared to last year.

With five fewer bus drivers, buses have had to take on extra students. According to bus driver Jose Sanchez, in cases where buses reach their maximum capacity, extra buses will be sent out to get the students.

“They had to add another couple of routes just to get everybody to school,” Sanchez said. “Because, as you know, the capacity is only, on some buses only eighty-four. It’s the reason they added another route… another bus driver another bus. They come and get them, but they’ll never leave anybody behind.”

In addition to overcrowding, students have experienced longer bus rides home. For senior Skylar Harris, the new routes lead him to take alternative transportation.

“They changed the routes, and the route that I got off ended up being, like, the second to last stop,” Harris said. “I [ride my scooter] to school, because like, where I live, it’s easy just to go straight there and it takes less time than the bus actually. So I don’t want to waste my time taking the bus when I can rather just get there faster.”