JEFFERIES: Upperclassmen receiving Chromebooks leads to frustration



This year RHS decided to give freshmen and sophomores Chromebooks to keep throughout the next years they go here.

Juniors and Seniors were specifically told that we would not get Chromebooks because the cut off year was the class of 2020 and that we would be able to utilize the existing Chromebook carts.

When I was told this I was a little upset just because I was wondering why us juniors and seniors wouldn’t get them, and I know others were too.

Since I was told I wasn’t going to get assigned a Chromebook and I knew it wouldn’t be guaranteed there would be enough Chrome-carts for every classroom, I bought one for myself.

As a junior taking a class comprising mostly of sophomores I was told I would need a computer. I thought bringing my own in would be fine, right? Unfortunately, I was mistaken.

Three weeks into the school year and I am finally told I am going to have to get a Chromebook because if I use my own laptop they can’t see my screen. It was heavily implied that this meant I would cheat on tests administered on computers.

I totally understand the sentiment behind this, as I know many are inclined to cheat. But the fact that I prepared for school and bought my own device, directly fronting the cost of it,  just to be told that if I use it, I am irresponsible and “not following directions”, has me enraged. Why is it that if we don’t have our supplies we’re irresponsible but when we do we’re still considered irresponsible because we won’t follow their specific directions?

I am confronted by two contradicting standpointsif I do not have the proper supplies, I am deemed irresponsible. If I do have the proper supplies, I am not following the school’s austere policy.

If they knew that juniors and seniors were taking lower classmen classes, why were we not made aware of this 3 months ago, when they announced that freshman and sophomores were getting them?

I know many who don’t bring their own laptops or don’t want to carry them, due to AP classes taking up the majority of backpack real estate.

Roseville has students with diverse economic background who are not able to afford a laptop, therefore I think giving them Chromebooks is extremely beneficial, even if upperclassmen don’t get them, but the district should have made the details clearer.